Our state-of-the-art factories provides the flexibility to be able to manufacture knit fabrics in various colors, weights and constructions.

Knitting Capabilities

  • Warp knitting and Circular knitting
  • Open Mesh or Dazzle Fabrics on the Karl Mayer warp knitting machines at any weight or construction you may need
  • Single Jersey, Double Knit, Pique and fleece on the Circular
  • Knitting machines all available in different Cylinder Diameters and cuts
  • Combed Egyptian Cotton or 100% Polyester we can have it knitted to your specification

Dyeing Capabilities

  • State of the art lab with Data Color system
  • 100% Cotton/Cotton Blends/ 100% Polyester/Poly Blends
  • Cellulose lines have anti-shrinking equipment and Polyester has heat setting
  • Data Color system utilized to create the right depth combined with Pantone Color cards for the shades
  • Dyes utilized from USA, Germany and Switzerland
  • We use the correct auxiliaries to provide you with either color stability/softness/anti-pilling/anti-snag/anti-static/ anti-microbial treatment and more
  • Knapping, Emerizing (sanding / sueding) are available.

Wide Format Dye Sublimation

  • Full Color, Vibrant textile printing
  • Up to 120” wide